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Be on the Lookout for Tax Cert Petitions

Tax certioraris are proceedings in which taxpayers seek to lower or eliminate their real property assessments.  These cases are usually brought against towns or counties and reference Article 7 of the Real Property Tax Law, so sometimes they are overlooked by school districts.  However, their impact on school districts (where the property is located) can be substantial.  If an assessment is reduced, the district will receive less revenue from the property and may be forced to refund taxes already paid.  

To help avoid such revenue losses, it is a good idea to share any such petitions with your school attorney.  Remember, failing to get involved in these cases in a timely fashion can lead to important deadlines being missed or perhaps even losing the chance to have a say in the financial resolution of the case.  

If you receive a tax cert petition and have any questions or need assistance in responding, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Excerpted from the August 2011 edition of "School Law Matters".  To view the entire newsletter, please click here.