Education Law Training

One of the ways that our firm helps its educational clients comply with federal and state law is to provide customized and timely in-service presentations/workshops for Boards, Administrators and staff on a myriad of topics focusing on sound preventative practices and legal responsibilities.

Below are the topics of the seminars and workshops our attorneys have presented to Districts and BOCES throughout upstate New York:

2-d Data Privacy and Security

• Data Delivery and Data Designee
• Cyber Security
• Data Breaches
• Being Smart in a Digital Age

Business Office

• Leasing, Selling, Buying District Property
• Alternate Sources of Revenue
• Proper Procurement; Piggyback Purchasing
• Intermunicipal Agreements
• Commercial Contracts with Third-Party Vendors
• Negotiating PILOT Agreements
• Professional Service Contracts and RFPs

Capital Projects

• How to Successfully Complete a Capital Project
• SEQRA and the Capital Project
• Successful Construction Project Closeout
• Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Capital Project

Employee Issues

• Sexual Harassment
• How to Properly Investigate
• Family and Medical Leave Act
• Collective Bargaining
• How to Properly Handle Employee Mental Health and Substance Abuse
• How to Document Employee Performance Concerns
• Interactive Process
• Workplace Harassment

School Elections

• Annual Meeting and Election
• Conducting Election by Paper Ballot
• No Voting Machines Available
• District Clerk Workshop
• Avoiding District Election & Budget Vote Challenges

School Board Member Training

• Effective Board Leadership
• Fiscal Training
• Board Policy Manual Out of Control

Open Meetings Law

• Management of School Board Meetings
• Board Communications
• Superintendent/Board Relationship

Special Education

• Section 504

Student Issues

• Confidentiality and Family Court
• Disciplinary Procedures for Students
• Discriminating Against Students
• Dignity for All Students Act: Legal Update and Annual Training
• Dignity for All Student Act: DASA Coordinator Training
• Student Residency Determinations and Enrollment
• Athletics and Title IX Compliance
• Mental Health Issues