What We Do

We encourage a proactive and preventative approach to promoting and maintaining a safe, productive and efficient environment for educating students and serving the school community. We offer a blend of expertise and practical advice resulting from years of hands-on business and operational management experience. We analyze and work to resolve a diverse array of unique and routine challenges confronted by Boards of Education and administrators.

We foster a collaborative relationship and approach our representation from the perspective of our clients’ goals. We take great pride in providing timely responses to our clients’ legal issues. We are cognizant of our clients’ desire to maintain both a positive public image and judicious use of district funds in avoiding or managing litigation (whether in court or in other administrative proceedings).

We provide individualized client guidance as well as client-centered training events, briefings, monthly newsletters and legal alerts to assist our clients with navigating the many complex statutes and administrative regulations impacting school operations and administration.

Core Educational School Law Services